Dreams are Real

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Tatia awoke with a start. The events of the day before had tested even her strength. Seeing Naerityah in her current state, drained and distraught, made her think of how she would feel if she lost Arioch. Looking over at his outstretched body, his muscles tensed as if he were having a nightmare and she pushed the thoughts away. She laid her head back on the pillow and was instantly asleep. What she saw next felt nothing like a dream at all.

Alexstrasza appeared to her in a dream. She was in her dragon form, but Tatia recognized her immediately. Continue reading


Lost and Found

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Selwyn strode through the Filthy Animal and took the stairs to Arioch’s office, knocking loudly on the door.

He listened intently for the usual feminine giggle and the sounds of a portal opening to whisk away the object of Arioch’s current interest.

However this time, he heard only the sound of staggering footsteps before the door was wrenched open before him.

Arioch leaned heavily on the door frame, his eyes dim and blurry, a few seconds passed before a look of recognition washed across his face, “Oh. It’s you. I don’t suppose if I close the door you’ll just go away?”

Selwyn pushed his way into the room, “No, I will not ‘just go away,’ I need to speak to you.” He looked about the office and noted it was in an unusual state of disarray. Continue reading

Is Death Truly Eternal?

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Tatia and Arioch advanced their forces deeper into the reaches of Icecrown Citadel, leaving the safety of Light’s Hammer. They searched the Citadel for hours. Suddenly, chaos erupted. Sparks, skulls laced in shadow and fists made of unholy frost were flying past Arioch’s and Tatia’s ears. As they turned to look, they saw Inítrí and Tirmanel in an intense battle.

Tirmanel and Inítrí were nose to nose as their weapons interlocked, sparks flying everywhere. With a powerful thrust of his upper body, Tirmanel sent Inítrí flying backwards, causing him to land on one of the many spikes guarding Light’s Hammer, impaling his left leg at the thigh. Continue reading


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The man I see, his eyes so dim
Is only but a shadow
Of who he was
Back then Continue reading

To Light’s Hammer

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Naerityah sat in the downstairs common area of the Filthy Animal in Dalaran, waiting. The inn was abuzz with speculation. Furtive glances and harsh whispers were passed around, the patrons hardly picking at the bounty spread on the table.

Tirion Fordring had arrived hours before and was still sequestered upstairs with Arioch.

The skies over the floating city were deepening into shades of violet when Fordring descended the stairs. The inn was silent by the time he reached the bottom step. No one said a word as the paladin crossed the room, nodded to Uda, the innkeeper, and left. Continue reading

Suffer Well

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Tirmanel arrived in Dalaran broken and bleeding. His run in with Inítrí had left him somewhat confused, more so than before. He decided that these questions could wait, as he had more pressing matters to attend. He went to First to Aid to get patched up and then to Eventide Bank to grab his stronger armor from his bank. He had a meeting with Tatia later on in the day, and knew that she wanted him to lead their force into Icecrown Citadel.

Mounting his Fiery Warhorse, he went through the portal to Darnassus. The cold of the nether wrapped around him, making his head spin and eyes fill with a rainbow of colors. Seconds later, he touched ground inside the Temple of the Moon. Traveling onward, he continued to take the portal to Rut’theran so that he could travel to Darkshore by hippogryph and make his way to Ashenvale in Astranaar, where Tatia awaited him. Continue reading

No Peace – Alternate Ending

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The following is brief excerpt of and an alternate ending for the piece No Peace. It was written with no intent of following storyline, but rather as a response to an off-handed comment one of the authors of this site made on a blog.

Before Tirmanel could react, Inítrí grabbed Tirmanel’s ponytail, arching Tirmanel’s head back. His left arm slipped under Tirmanel’s shoulder and lifted him to his feet.

Tirmanel’s breath was caught in his throat. Inítrí’s bare chest pressed against his back, cold like granite as the essence of frost was in Inítrí’s veins. Tirmanel could feel a trickle of blood sliding down his own chest where Inítrí had dug in with his nails.

“We are always alone.”

Tirmanel struggled against Inítrí’s grasp, but the paler death knight seemed stronger than the last time they had sparred. All his attempts to free himself did were to deepen the scratches across his chest. Continue reading